Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cording Foot Binding

Ok I like to finish things fast and try to avoid hand sewing. Recently, I decided I was going to apply my binding, then blind hem stitch it down with monofilament from the back side.
To the left is a photo of the cording foot on my Bernina. This is an awesome foot and I can't say enough good about it. After I applied the binding I used the foot to aply a 4ply embroidery yarn along the inside edge. This covered the blind hem stitches too. I also used this foot to apply the stems of the flowers.I should tell you that the center panel was made by my grandson, we picked up leaves dipped them in paint and pressed them to a hand dyed piece of cotton. We also used rubbings with shiva paint sticks, foiling and art glitter.
When the piece had been cured and heat set, I applied 2 borders, machine quilted it. Longarm and Domestic machines were used.