Friday, August 21, 2015

Inspired by Hollis Chatelaine

Who could not want to emulate one the century's best quilt artists...Hollis Chatealine? That combined with an improv challenge at a local quilt show ,inspired me to see what I could create. I took a piece of white fabric spritzed it with water and dabbed acrylic inks on it. I saw a face, proceeded to quilt it and then used a variety of paint, colored pencils and ink to create a piece. Borders were made from some hand dyed I made a few years ago.
Added some sheers
Played with some borders
Magic markers and squiggles of paint
More dye stick paints and heavy quilting

Yard sale inspires some fishy fabric

So my summer is progressing, in betwixt and between building a roster for the 2016 MQX New England Quilt Festival ( ) I went yard sailing and found an awesome reference book about fish. as a young girl some of my happiest times were spent with my dad fishing, what better way to continue on in my journey to find my is what I created with the high flow Golden Acrylics, markers and inks
So now this is sitting and I decided to try painting a matte medium on the PFD fabric before painting . this was the result
And he needed some friends
So I decidedI didn't like the salmon and covered him over added borders
And now extended thesis outwits paint
I hope this inspires you to play, Stay tuned for my next for ray into the art of the painted quilt

Getting Buggy with paint and pen

I find myself with some unexpected free time this summer and I have decided to try and find a medium I love. I had taken a class with the marvelous Andrea Brokenshire during my April Show So I was inspired to find my own voice. Perusing the web I found some inspiring ideas and different mediums that looked very interesting. Judy Coates Perez had awesome samples using acrylic inks,I purchased some ....I bought high flow golden acrylics, Derwent watercolor pencils and fabric markers too. in order to take this seriously I made myself a designated drawing space with an architect desk, supply trays and brush and pen holders. The Internet was my reference tool, yard sales provides reference books too It was time to get rolling. inspired by Judy I decided I was going to make a bug quilt. here is the result. 
This was fun to do and I loved the intensity of the Acrylic inks, this piece sold quickly and inspired me to make more, on a bug kick I decided to uses a doodle I made on the paper 53 app and turn it into a quilt. here is the doodle
Here is the quilt

This really spurred me on and I decided to try another painted pieced and appliqu├ęs piece. Here is the result
As you can see lots of paints were splashed on and quilted heavily, onward to the next bug quilt.....
I printed off tons of bug pictures searching for copyright free images,on this piece I used PFD fabric and acrylic inks, I fell in love with the first splash
Isn't this cool ?
Here are some more process pictures

Magic markers, acrylic paint and ink were all used to create this piece. it's been a lot of fun and I hope you read on to see how a book inspires me to go oa fish quilt journey.