Friday, August 21, 2015

Yard sale inspires some fishy fabric

So my summer is progressing, in betwixt and between building a roster for the 2016 MQX New England Quilt Festival ( ) I went yard sailing and found an awesome reference book about fish. as a young girl some of my happiest times were spent with my dad fishing, what better way to continue on in my journey to find my is what I created with the high flow Golden Acrylics, markers and inks
So now this is sitting and I decided to try painting a matte medium on the PFD fabric before painting . this was the result
And he needed some friends
So I decidedI didn't like the salmon and covered him over added borders
And now extended thesis outwits paint
I hope this inspires you to play, Stay tuned for my next for ray into the art of the painted quilt