Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Treework- Twilights Gloam or Black Hole Sun

I piece of fabric, yep that is all I used in this quilt. I had spilled some setacolor on the floor this summer and wiped it up with this cloth, The trees are made out of the ends of the piece I cut off, The dye had not hit that area. I glued the strips down and then I added a little quilting. Of course it is still in progress. I have added magic markers, dye pastel sticks and some black thread but I am going to add lots more stuff.
I want to do some bobbin work on the trees , shredded threads. beading etc but for mow , I have approx 1 hour into the project and it's coming to life.
I love trees, I love the way the light shines through them I could stare at them all day. To not be able to see the light shine thru the trees is a bad day.
I encourage you to try this, it's a great technique very relaxing too!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Tree Work or I should be Doing Something Somewhere!!!

This quilt gave me the best laugh I have had in ages, I had just taken it off my machine when a really good friend walked in and saw it, she exclaimed " oh my god , you should be doing something somewhere" and I started to laugh. During any givin day, I'm a home care provider for a person with disabilities, watch my 5 year old grandson, run a small quilt shop, machine quilt peoples tops and run the largest machine quilting show in the country with my dear friend Janet-Lee Santeusanio !!! Yes I'm a slacker I should be doing something somewhere LOL.
But thats why I did this..... Its made with fabric strips, water soluble glue sticks and laundry markers. Fast and easy to do . The embellished leaves were purchased in a pack of 50 for $1 .
This Quilt is for sale on Etsy.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Light thru the Trees

Inspired by a the foiliage, I went out to my studio and pulled a piece of hand-dyed fabric from my stash. I chose 2 other fabrics to represent tree bark and started ripping Strips.

After I threw down a few trees , I used a water soluble glue stick and a black permanent Laundry marker to give some shadows.

Step 3, I Used colored markers, fabric pens and some acrylic Paint to add shadows , branches and leaves.
Right Now I have added on a border fabric I had laying around. I did this as I want to go to my sewing machine and quilt down the loose pieces. I will then cut down the borders and add a theme fabric. I plan to use piping in a varigaited green around the picture, apply silk leaves and then machine quilt it.

Here is the current view, I have not sewn down the pices yet everything is held in place with a glue stick.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Walk in the Woods Finished

Here is the final piece:

Finishing edges of A Walk in the Woods

As Always I fly by the seat of my pants .... and avoid bindings as much as possible. Yes I can do them but I don't want to ! I have taken the piece and zig zagged stitched all the ways around the outside edges. After I did this I chose a mohair metallic variegated thread and used a button hole stitch to adhere them to the edges. I kind of did a ribbon candy type wrapping of those threads just before the foot of the machine, I then stitched over the area till I got to where I needed to lay the yarns down again, remember to leave needle down so you can lift the foot up to lay in more threads. You could also just tug the yarns into place. As always ( still flying by the seat of my pants , I ran out of one of the yarns) What to do ??? I pulled out a leaf trim to stitch down around the upper portion of the quilt. Remember : Rule # 1 is there are no rules. Below you will see the progression of the quilt edges.
Above is the decorative Leaf Trim , .
To the right is the fringed border, notice the way I let the leaf hang free over the fringe.