Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Treework- Twilights Gloam or Black Hole Sun

I piece of fabric, yep that is all I used in this quilt. I had spilled some setacolor on the floor this summer and wiped it up with this cloth, The trees are made out of the ends of the piece I cut off, The dye had not hit that area. I glued the strips down and then I added a little quilting. Of course it is still in progress. I have added magic markers, dye pastel sticks and some black thread but I am going to add lots more stuff.
I want to do some bobbin work on the trees , shredded threads. beading etc but for mow , I have approx 1 hour into the project and it's coming to life.
I love trees, I love the way the light shines through them I could stare at them all day. To not be able to see the light shine thru the trees is a bad day.
I encourage you to try this, it's a great technique very relaxing too!!!!

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