Saturday, June 07, 2014

-Alcohol Inks Tap Transfer, Seta Color and Derwent Watercolor Pencil Fun to use

This is an experiment I just did using the above mentioned items, it was lots of fun and was certainly  a learning process.I started with PDF Fabric(Prepared for Dyeing) , spayed it with water and applied inks, I then set it out in the sun to dry. Here is a quick view of the process:

After it was dry I started drawing with colored pencils, sharpies, seta-color paints and applied transfers with TAP

Grief Quilts - The Making of Ward Wilson

We all lose things in our lives, sometimes the  hole they leave behind needs to be filled, soothed or remembered. To capture a moment in time, a feeling or a thought I usually turn to art quilting. Quilting is a passion that is cathartic. Time can be lost while creating, time well lost when one sees the object created.
I have made several memory quilts, I have given some to friends, some to strangers and a few I kept.
To start, I need inspiration and for me it needs to be something that touches my heart. Pictures, songs, tragedy of others or beloved pets. With that thought in your heart go to the drawing board and start your memory quilt.

One of my most recent works can be seen here. This quilt was made in honor of my neighbor Ward Wilson. I think you will enjoy its progression. This piece was gifted to his widow, Jane Wilson.

 I hope it inspires you to create your own grief quilt!