Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Light thru the Trees

Inspired by a the foiliage, I went out to my studio and pulled a piece of hand-dyed fabric from my stash. I chose 2 other fabrics to represent tree bark and started ripping Strips.

After I threw down a few trees , I used a water soluble glue stick and a black permanent Laundry marker to give some shadows.

Step 3, I Used colored markers, fabric pens and some acrylic Paint to add shadows , branches and leaves.
Right Now I have added on a border fabric I had laying around. I did this as I want to go to my sewing machine and quilt down the loose pieces. I will then cut down the borders and add a theme fabric. I plan to use piping in a varigaited green around the picture, apply silk leaves and then machine quilt it.

Here is the current view, I have not sewn down the pices yet everything is held in place with a glue stick.