Saturday, January 05, 2008

Finishing edges of A Walk in the Woods

As Always I fly by the seat of my pants .... and avoid bindings as much as possible. Yes I can do them but I don't want to ! I have taken the piece and zig zagged stitched all the ways around the outside edges. After I did this I chose a mohair metallic variegated thread and used a button hole stitch to adhere them to the edges. I kind of did a ribbon candy type wrapping of those threads just before the foot of the machine, I then stitched over the area till I got to where I needed to lay the yarns down again, remember to leave needle down so you can lift the foot up to lay in more threads. You could also just tug the yarns into place. As always ( still flying by the seat of my pants , I ran out of one of the yarns) What to do ??? I pulled out a leaf trim to stitch down around the upper portion of the quilt. Remember : Rule # 1 is there are no rules. Below you will see the progression of the quilt edges.
Above is the decorative Leaf Trim , .
To the right is the fringed border, notice the way I let the leaf hang free over the fringe.

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