Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Snow Scene in fabric paint and thread

This is a quick little piece I just did , machine applique, fabric paint and rayon threads.
I used the expanding heat sensitive paint and fabric pens. I wasn't to impressed with the puffiness I thought it would be thicker but it's the first time I used it too . Any thoughts on using puff paint would be appreciated.


Vicki said...

Mary, it's a lovely piece! What size is it? Sorry, I've never used those paints so can't offer any advice.

MQXmary said...

It's not big Probably 14 x 22.. It was just a one day challenge to myself

CarlaB said...

Hi Mary, what brand are you using?? Some brands work better than others.

Love your blog, btw! I really like your latest piece, too.

Joanna van said...

Mary, your piece is really lovely. Very life like.

Joanna van said...

Sorry, forgot to mention. I have also used puff paint and I am wondering if your problem is the thickness. I did a piece with a tree and was really quite happy with it.
I've also used Xpandaprint and this works nicely as well.